Your home is one of your most important financial assets. We will help you navigate the selling process and protect your interests so you feel confident every step of the way. Here are some of the questions we’re asked most frequently.

What improvements will increase the value of my home?

Still considered the heart of the home, kitchen renovation projects can be the most beneficial improvements you can make, experts say, whether you´re thinking of replacing faucets and light fixtures or going for a more wholesale makeover that includes granite countertops, new cabinetry and flooring.

Next to the kitchen, bathroom makeovers offer the biggest payback. Consider replacing worn flooring and re-grouting tiles. Rounding out the top five home improvements that will boost home value are 3. replacing major appliances, 4. improving storage options in bedrooms, pantries and entry closets (this can be particularly helpful in an older home) and 5. converting a seldom-used den or office space into a new bedroom, simply by adding a closet. There can be a substantial difference in listing price between a three-bedroom home and a four-bedroom home of the same size.

When is the best time to sell?

While you may have personal considerations that require you to sell within a given period, such as a job transfer, you may still have some flexibility to time your listing and take advantage of economic or seasonal conditions.

Time of year is an important consideration for sellers. In most cases, your home, with its landscaped grounds and attractive walkways, will look its best during the warm weather months. Early fall can also be a good time to sell your home.

Other factors that favor selling your home include periods when interest rates are low, facilitating prospective buyers´ ability to obtain a mortgage loan. Pent-up demand and periods of low unemployment also ensure a ready pool of potential home buyers.